Foxglove Watercolor

FOXGLOVE Watercolor by Victoria Francés

This is a foxglove watercolor that I finished at home after sketch it from nature...
Sometimes I think I should be more spontaneous when I paint; I mean to forget about my usual workspace and painting outdoors more often... And in addition, this kind of botanical studies is great for this! My intention is to create a series of simple watercolors with certain dreamlike atmosphere...
Hope you like this first piece! I will show you some more here 💜


Esta es una dedalera en acuarelas que terminé en casa después de tomar el boceto del natural...
A veces pienso que debería obligarme a ser más espontánea cuando pinto; me refiero a olvidarme un poco de mi espacio de trabajo habitual y salir a pintar fuera más a menudo... ¡Y, además, este tipo de estudios botánicos ayudan muchísimo! Mi intención es crear una serie de acuarelas sencillas con cierto ambiente onírico...
Espero que os guste esta primera pieza! Iré subiendo algunas más por aquí 💜

FOXGLOVE Watercolor by Victoria Francés
©Victoria Francés, 2020

"The foxglove bells, with lolling tongue,
Will not reveal what peals were rung
In Faery, in Faery,
A thousand ages gone.
All the golden clappers hang
As if but now the changes rang;
Only from the mottled throat
Never any echoes float.
Quite forgotten, in the wood,
Pale, crowded steeples rise;
All the time that they have stood
None has heard their melodies.
Deep, deep in wizardry
All the foxglove belfries stand.
Should they startle over the land,
None would know what bells they be.
Never any wind can ring them,
Nor the great black bees that swing them–
Every crimson bell, down-slanted,
Is so utterly enchanted."

Foxgloves - Mary Webb

Digitalis Purpurea, Foxglove, Digitalia, Dedalera, Dead Man's Bells, Belladonna flowers
(Foxglove & Belladonna flowers)

Foxglove, Digitalis Purpurea, Digitalia, Dedalera, Dead Man's Bells
*Digitalis Purpurea

Digitalis Purpurea Alba, White Foxglove, Digitalia, Dedalera, Dead Man's Bells
*Digitalis Purpurea Albiflora